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“No podemos aceptar este ataque”: President Carles Puigdemont on Spain invoking Article 155 (21 Oct 2017)

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Comparecencia de Puigdemont en reacción al 155

Puigdemont: "The worst attack since Franco" (El Nacional)

"The worst attack since Franco"
Marta Lasalas, El Nacional
Barcelona. Saturday, 21 October 2017

Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, has announced that he will ask the Catalan Parliament to call a meeting this week to analyse the consequences of the Spanish government's decision to activiate article 155 of the Spanish Constitution and remove the Catalan government from office. He asks the Parliament to take the relevant decisions.

The president was speaking this evening from the Catalan government palace in an official speech organised after learning that Mariano Rajoy's central government would ask the Spanish Senate to remove him from office as president along with the members of his cabinet and let the Spanish cabinet take over their roles.

"The Catalan institutions cannot accept this attack. It's incompatible with all democratic attitude and the rule of law", he said, as well as criticising the police repression during the 1st October referendum and the detention without bail of the presidents of the ANC (Catalan National Assembly) and Òmnium Cultural.

"We have to plan to again defend our institutions, peacefully," said the president.

Craig Murray: Banning Democracy in Catalonia

Banning Democracy in Catalonia
Craig Murray (21 Oct, 2017)

There is a fundamental disconnect between the real Catalonia and the Catalonia the political Establishment and its lackey media want us to believe exists.

All of the major Western broadcasters, plus newspapers like The Guardian, Washington Post and New York Times, have repeatedly pumped out the mantra that it is only a minority in Catalonia that support Independence. They have never attempted to explain why therefore Carles Puigdemont is President, and why the pro-Independence parties got 48% at the last Catalan elections while the Spanish Nationalist parties got 39%.

There is a vital point here. The plan of the Spanish government to force new Catalan elections in January is not obviously going to give a different result. The national spirit aroused by the 2014 Scottish referendum resulted in a huge boost for the SNP at ensuing parliamentary elections. The same is likely to apply. [...] Catalans are not likely to have been convinced to abandon their hopes by the actions of the Guardia Civil.

Russie : la propagande 2.0 (Christine Ockrent, France Culture)

Russie : la propagande 2.0
Affaires étrangères | Christine Ockrent | 14/10/2017
"Si la propagande depuis toujours et sous toutes les latitudes a fait cortège au pouvoir, la révolution numérique en bouleverse, les méthodes et l'impact. Quelle est la stratégie d'influence planétaire élaborée et construite par Vladimir Poutine, en près de 20 ans à la tête de la Russie?"


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Help Catalonia. Save Europe.

Òmnium Cultural | Ajoutée le 16 oct. 2017
"Nous sommes des citoyens européens comme vous et nous avons besoin de votre aide pour défendre la liberté et la démocratie. S'il vous plaît, ne fermez pas les yeux. Partagez cette vidéo avec vos amis et des représentants politiques."
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